Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Selection of Images

Instead of inundating you with another eloquent essay regarding space, I will instead offer a few images that I find to be quite beautiful. These are all NASA pictures, so no copyright notices necessary.

4,000 Kilometers Above Saturn's Moon 'Iapetus'
Earthrise: It's like seeing the moon rise above Earth's horizon, but in reverse
MacGuyver in Space. Duct Tape plus Laminated Maps equals Makeshift Fender
Mars. Pure and Simple
Lunar Module
Um... Watch out for that crater. It's a doozy
Bruce McCandless about 100 meters from the Shuttle


Marie said...

Awesome pictures! I bet it took you forever to pick which ones you used! It would be nice to have a short title/description for each picture.

Marie said...

P.S. to previous comment
Although I kind of like the simple beauty of the pictures just by there some way you could embed them like with the "LEO" tag so we could see what each picture is when passing our mouse over it?